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  • Can we get acquainted before I choose whether I want treatment?
    Yes. When you contact me, you can indicate whether you want to get acquainted first.
  • If I'm in front of the hotel how do I find your practice?
    The video shows you how to get to the practice.
  • Is the treatment reimbursed?
    I am a physiotherapist, but I have no contracts with health insurers. This means my treatment can be partially reimbursed depending on your health insurance. Your health insurer can inform you about this. You can then submit the invoice you receive from me to your health insurer.
  • How long does a treatment take?
    A treatment session takes 45 minutes to an hour. A treatment series can last from a few times to a year. This depends on your wishes and your situation.
  • What does a treatment cost?
    See my treatment prices
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