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Psychosomatiek Nijmegen

Recovery from trauma and long-term complaints and regain zest for life

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For whom

When unexplained physical and mental complaints persist, quality of life declines and the way you perceive your environment changes. Tension, pain, shortness of breath, burnout, worrying, fatigue or anxiety are examples of these complaints.

Past traumatic experiences can hinder recovery of complaints.

Not sure if you suffer from psychosomatic complaints or trauma? Then go to the questionnaire.

I've come to the conclusion that human beings are born with an innate capacity to triumph over trauma

Peter A. Levine



In order for me to make a treatment plan that is tailored to your situation, I first do an intake. During the intake, we discover what causes complaints and what is and has been supportive and helpful. If I feel that my treatment is appropriate, I will suggest a treatment plan. It is important that you feel comfortable with me; so I will ask about this. Do you agree with the treatment plan? Then we get to work.



My treatment can consist of explaining how our body's work, martial art to build resilience, breathing exercises that relax, dance exercises to gain balance and equilibrium, a meaningful walk in the forest, renegotiation exercises that reduce the effects of trauma or giving support and security when feeling of painful emotions.


From time to time we look back to see if we are on the way to the desired result. We usually meet once a week in the beginning and once every two or four weeks as your process gets underway. My treatment is tailored to your possibilities; are experienced intensively. Recovery time after treatment is desirable. The recovery time you require also determines how often treatment can take place.


Alleviating symptoms or renegotiating trauma takes time; step by step. The body relaxes, symptoms and pain decrease, people around you are more supportive and the world becomes a safer place.

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About me

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Sjoerd Jongerius


Raised in the south of the Netherlands I moved to Nijmegen when I was 21 where I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2002.

With a degree under my belt I gained experience in various physiotherapy practices, as a teacher at the physiotherapy and sports massage course, in a rehabilitation center and I did voluntary work as a physiotherapist in developing countries. In 2013 I obtained a master's degree in psychosomatic physiotherapy and in 2020 I became a body-oriented trauma therapist. More professional experience can be found at LinkedIn.

Love for the profession

People who come to see me deal with hardship. When you can deal with adversity and become healthier; resilience and flexibility increase. For me as a therapist, it is a privilege to witness this process over and over again. The process by which people step back into life with joy and energy.

Spare time

In my spare time I'm an acrobat, restore a motor bike and life with my wife and three children in Nijmegen.

Treatment prices

Here you can find my payment conditions here.


Please know that I may be in treatment if you call and not always available to answer. Leave a message, send a message, email or fill in the form.

Thank you for submitting!

Practice information

Psychosomatiek Nijmegen

Hotel Val Monte at Casa de Madera

Old Hollow Road 5

6572 AA Berg en Dal

De inrichting van mijn praktijk

Account number NL64 ABNA 0472 4512 94  in the name of Psychosomatics Nijmegen

Chamber of Commerce 61042595

AGB code healthcare provider 04113468

AGB code practice 04021460

BIG registration 69057879704

Complaint procedure
If you have a complaint, I will be happy to resolve it with you. If we cannot resolve it together and you want to file a formal complaint, I will inform you where you can go. As a physiotherapist I am affiliated with the complaints procedure of the KNGF.

In my AVG privacy statement you can read how I handle your personal data.

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